ZRA Online Tax Filing-Reasons and Benefits

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It is evident that many people in Zambia still choose to file their tax returns with pencil and paper. Many still don’t realize that those days are long gone. Filing your taxes online with ZRA Tax online is not only easier, but much convenient than filling them manually.

If you are still worrying about how realistic online tax filing is (or if colleagues and friends have raised fears about online tax filing) here is my take on it.
First, you only need to understand these step-by-step instructions on filing of your e-return using ZRA Online Tax to help you save time.

Secondly, bear in mind that you will need a computer with internet connectivity to successfully file return online. There are six steps to file e-returns. These Steps are:

1. Log into the portal
2. Download e-return form/s
3. Filling the details in the form/s
4. Validate the form/s
5. Uploading the form/s
6. Obtaining Acknowledgement Receipt

Thirdly, download this detailed Tax payer user guide for e-return filing to help you understand more about these steps for online tax filing. The guide has specifically been designed to give you a step-by-step guidance to online tax filling.

If you are still on the fence about joining the millions of taxpayers using ZRA Tax online facility to e-file their returns, here are some of the advantages.

File your return from anywhere.

Filling your tax returns online will not only save you time and money but will also give you the convenience of filling your taxes in the comfort of your home away from noise, the queues and traffic jam.

Save money.

There are millions of tax payers in the country spending valuable hours in queues at ZRA offices every day, burning fuel in their cars and enduring the hassle of the traffic in town. You can save money if you choose to e-file your returns using Online Tax.

There are many benefits and advantages of filing your tax returns online with ZRA Online tax. With these benefits in mind, you might want to consider switching to online tax filing.

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