Is CIMA Equivalent to Masters in 2014?

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In 2008, the CIMA- Chartered Institute of Chartered Accountants professional qualification was ranked equivalent to a master’s degree by the independent UK agency responsible for government scoring of immigrants’ qualifications.

According to this article published on 9 July 2008 on website, CIMA was awarded a point score of 35 the same as Msc by the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom UK NARIC the independent body that assesses and scores qualifications from around the world.

There has been debate among “critics” and CIMA students in various countries including Zambia whether this meant that CIMA was equivalent to any master’s degree from any University in the world.

This answer I found on the Community discussions on puts to rest all debates on what CIMA is equivalent to.

“CIMA is equivalent to a master’s degree ONLY for the purpose of immigration to the UK-this means that if you hold the CIMA professional qualification and you are applying to immigrate to the UK as a highly skilled worker, you will receive the same number of ‘points’ as someone with a master’s degree”.

This does not change the equivalency granted to the CIMA qualification by respective governments in different countries.

My focus in this article is not to fuel this debate but rather draw your attention to only two very important points about CIMA.

What is the significance of 2008 CIMA ranking to 2014, 2015 and the years to come?

It shows the prestige the CIMA professional qualification holds not only in the UK but through out the world and it also demonstrates the portability of the qualification enabling individuals to work and study where ever they wish.

It is further proof of the relevance of the CIMA qualification to business. According to independent research conducted by the University of Bath school of Management, CIMA’s syllabus and examination structure are the most relevant to the needs of business. As a matter of fact CIMA prides itself on the Commercial relevance of its syllabus, which evolves continually to reflect the latest developments in global business.

In one of my earlier articles I stated that among the ways to learn bookkeeping is taking a professional course such as CIMA. For more information you can visit


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